Lab on Site

Lab on Site

Vista Robles Dental Group is one of the most renowned dental practices in the state of California. Over the years, we have treated hundreds of patients with various dental issues and helped them get the best smile possible. This is a combined effort of a well-experienced and dedicated team along with the best dental technology on site. These factors have made our practice one of the most sought-after ones in the area.

Amazing technology

At Vista Robles Dental Group, we have a lab within our practice. This makes the treatment procedures quicker, more convenient and reduces the waiting time involved. Patients can get a better understanding of how the procedures will be conducted and how the restorations are fabricated. Here are some of the advanced technological facilities that are available at our practice:

Micro-dentistry:Sometimes, getting a good view of the oral features becomes difficult. This could be due to minute changes in the texture of the tissues, small lesions, microscopic cavities, etc. In such cases, we use a dental microscope along with a concentrated beam of light. We would be able to analyze the oral features in detail without putting you through the glare of bright light.

Digital imaging: Digital images of the oral features would provide massive detail and a better understanding of the oral condition. For this, we use radiographs that are minimally invasive and harmless to the tissues of the human body. The data obtained from these images allows us to analyze aspects such as root canal infection, internal cavities, gum diseases, presence of oral cancer, jawbone size, deterioration, cysts, tumors, etc.

X-rays: X-rays are a boon to dentistry. The images captured using X-rays allow us to view the internal parts of the mouth, such as the teeth, gums, jawbone, tooth roots, etc. in a better way. Using dental X-rays, we would be able to able to get a good idea of the alignment of the teeth, their spacing, bone deterioration, etc. In case there are any cracks or hidden cavities that aren’t visible to the naked eye, X-rays allow us to analyze them carefully.

Intraoral Camera: The oral structure is a complex one and it requires trained hands to handle. Viewing the intricate details of the patient’s mouth can sometimes get tricky as observing and analyzing the minute details and changes in tissue patterns can’t be done by the naked eye. In such cases, an intraoral camera would be of great help. It allows us to carefully analyze and take pictures of the difficult-to-view parts of the mouth. It can save the dentist and the patients tons of time as it instantly relays the images on to a screen. In certain cases, such as the growth of cancerous cells in the larynx and pharynx, an intraoral camera becomes highly useful to determine the cancerous growth.

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